Faking it all of the time, conscience it cuts like a knife.

Cloud and Kadaj always stuck out to me, but for the longest time I wasn't sure why. Their relationship in all of it's definitions of rivalry, family, mortal enemies, is questionable at best. But the relationship that caught my attention was one that was subtler than most. I found it intriguing and refreshing that Cloud was never really full of hate and wrath when it comes to Kadaj - it was a lot gentler than most enemy relationships in a series like this. While they do physically fight, he is always "soft" - not in the terms of their battles but with Cloud's attitude. And Kadaj himself treats Cloud with both anger and love, in a way. It's hard to put into words, I guess ^.^;

I am notorious for adoring relationships largely based on potential. How would they have acted had they met under different circumstances? How would they have gotten along if they had more time to get to know each other? Would they have had the chance to possibly understand one another? I don't like a relationship where everything is laid out because it would leave no room for imagination. Cloud and Kadaj's relationship does not have this issue. It is intriguing, bittersweet as you Lis says, and there is a lot left to the imagination. That is what I love about these two.

The name Remenoir came very simply. I'm kind of a huge fan of one word gibberish site titles. And remenoir is the root word for the word "remnant" which fits both Kadaj and Cloud for obvious reasons. I liked the name Beyond Redemption as well, but I thought it might be time for a name change since the fanlisting was coming to a new home :) This website was originally created by Raine who passed it on to Lis in 2009. After spending three years in her loving care, this fanlisting was passed to me :)

There is more than meets the eye, hits you right between the eyes.

This is what Lis had to say about these two:
I cannot deny it, this is one of my absolute favorite fictional relationships of all time. That fact may seem a bit silly, and I'm not too great at explaining it coherently, but it's true. I think the thrall started when I truly began to see what was between Cloud and Kadaj as a relationship. Obviously, the majority of their screen time together is spent in either a physical duel, or a duel of minds, but all the same I see this behavior as a relationship in itself.

There is certainly a lot of antipathy between them, but I wouldn't go so far as to call it hate, exactly. It seems to me that Kadaj is consistently torn between wanting to be close to his "brother" whilst still trying to please "mother" and convert or best Cloud at a thankless game. In my opinion, Cloud pities Kadaj more than anything else. He is inconvenienced, burdened, and hurt by the remnant's actions, but I never sense any palpable disdain on his end of things. The conclusion of the story only solidifies this theory in my head.

So I'm not entirely sure what you would refer to their relationship as. Enemies? Foes? Some clinically unhealthy mixture of "familial" love/hate complex? In all of these scenarios, whether they be antagonistic or sympathizing, I see a certain level of passion; a definite acknowledgment of one another, even if there is a complete lack of understanding.

Cloud and Kadaj clash, and clash, and clash, and it culminates in something rather bittersweet and (dare I say it) beautiful. That's what makes this relationship so addictive.