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Hello and welcome to Remenoir, previously known as Beyond Redemption, the TFL approved fanlisting for the relationship between Cloud Strife and Kadaj of Square Enix's Final Fantasy VII compilation! Their relationship is one largely based upon potential - what could have been had circumstances been different. This fanlisting was adopted on July 1, 2012 from the amazing Lis. Thank you so much!! If you are a fan of the relationship between these two in any way, shape, or form, please feel free to join this fanlisting! :)
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Welcome to the list, Mikari!

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The current layout features the most well known image of the two. I wanted to use the image in my own way and my own style, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome :) I hadn't intended on the layout to be in black and white, but I love the effect and I think it shows the dynamics of their relationship quite well. The lyrics featured in headers across the site are from Kerli's "I Want Nothing." Seriously, this girl is amazing. Resources used are from: FEEL, Nienke Resources, and 99mb.

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